I never disrespected Zubby Michael on set – Ogbu Johnson shares side of story, throws shade at Destiny Etiko

Rising Nigerian Actor, Ogbu Johnson, has set the record straight, quashing any rumors of him stepping on the toes of his seasoned colleague, Zubby Michael, while working together on a movie set.

Zubby Michael and Ogbu Johnson created quite a buzz in cyberspace recently after a video of their on-set altercation went viral.

In the wake of this online frenzy, Destiny Etiko, a prominent friend and ally of Zubby Michael, responded to the situation. She passionately advised aspiring stars to give their due respect to seasoned veterans who have earned their stripes as A-list celebrities.

In a show of solidarity, Zubby Michael concurred in the comments, asserting that Ogbu may have jeopardized his career by displaying alleged disrespect.

In a bid to quash any rumors of animosity between himself and Zubby, Ogbu Johnson, on the 9th of October, turned to Instagram to set the record straight.

He issued a public statement, asserting that the on-set clash with Zubby had been misconstrued by the public and wrongly perceived as a real fight. Ogbu emphasized that the video circulating online was nothing more than a carefully crafted scene from an upcoming movie.

Johnson explained that this theatrical scuffle was merely a testament to their professional prowess, aimed at elevating the standards of movie-making stunts.

In response to Destiny Etiko’s veiled accusation of him showing disrespect towards Zubby Michael, and Zubby’s subsequent threat, Ogbu Johnson made it clear that he harbored no ill intentions. He explained that his actions were solely driven by his commitment to portraying his character as per the director’s vision.

Ogbu didn’t shy away from taking a subtle jab at Destiny Etiko, insinuating that her comments were an attempt to sow discord between him and Zubby.

His words;

Some persons have gone ahead trying to create a rift between myself and my senior brother and industry boss by making it appear that I was disrespectful in interpreting my role to the satisfaction of the director and thereby trying to create bad blood between us.

– make this statement to clear all doubts that I in no way mean to disrespect the person of Zubby Michael my senior colleague and will do no such thing.”

To cap it off, Ogbu extended an olive branch to Zubby Michael by offering a sincere apology. He expressed regret if the trending video of their fictitious altercation had caused any undue embarrassment to Zubby’s personal image and reputation.



I never disrespected Zubby Michael on set - Ogbu Johnson shares side of story, throws shade at Destiny Etiko


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