Girl’s video mimicking her stammerer father make rounds

On the internet, a video has made rounds where a young girl, Michelle mimicks her father who is a stammerer.

The young girl could be seen narrating to her mother how her father talk, saying;

“He talks likes a child who did not learn how to talk properly”.

She asked her father to come and talk the way he used to, and as he didn’t respond, she began making weird eye movements and started nodding in an exaggerated manner, she narrated the way he talked.


Girl's video mimicking her stammerer father make rounds


Many Netizens were not comfortable with the fact that she was mimicking her father who is a stammerer in such a manner and took to the comments to express their displeasure.

See reactions below:

@KinqKudos said: The woman should have corrected this girl instead. This is not funny at all.

@TokyosBite wrote: This isn’t funny one bit, and mothers should stop this thing they’re doing fr. Every beautiful little child isn’t a content creator fgs.

@Ebun_babyy said: Lol y’all need to understand that kids say the darnedest things. She’d mimick her dad but obviously would be corrected by her mum after. This was just a funny moment and who told y’all the dad was offended? Do y’all know what it means to be a parent? That’s a child for goodness sake.

@rioagu01 said: I feel bad for the father, the joke is not joking. The mom thinks she’s a content creator

@danjuma1232 wrote: She respects her husband. She wouldn’t take the camera to him when the lady points to him.

@iamKayluv said: Small thing laidis every little baby don turn content creator. Gen Z parenting is on another level 🤔😑

@Wealthyjulia said: The woman is laughing, what’s funny in using your daughter to make content, about your husband predicament

Watch video here:


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