Lady who toured 34 states in Nigeria shares her findings

A lady who has toured 34 states in Nigeria has gone online to submit her findings as she shares breathtaking sceneries from different states.

The lady known as Nikeh went on an adventure to explore most of the states in the country.

She toured major cities down to less-heard-of cities and shared beautiful moments she had in them.

The video reel she shared captures her in panoramic landscapes, including luscious green vegetations to dry, golden deserts she visited.


Lady who toured 34 states in Nigeria shares her findings


Having visited 34 states, she used adjectives such as simple, warm, magical, busy, mis-represented to describe each state in accordance to how they are and the feeling they evoked in her.

Netizens have reacted …

@Dappa Ibim asked: “Wait so Dubai Dey this Nigeria?”

@YoUr FaVoRiTe InFlUeNcEr‼️❤️😍 wondered: “Na the same Nigeria all of us dey?”

@miebi 💕 enthused: “bauchi is so prettyyyy”

@cowrdlylion3 asked: “agreed but how does one move around is the question”

@Nikeh answered: “By going to a bus park and entering a vehicle to your preferred state.”

@PERRY🤍💙 enquired: “All this place inside this Nigeria?I need to explore oo”

@Azora Homes said: “This is who the Tinubu administration needs to represent Tourism within Nigeria. So beautiful to watch… Our country is beautiful”

Watch video below …



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