Welcome to Canada’: Internet shocked after Toronto woman with ‘AK-47 earrings’ defends Hamas

A Muslim woman’s claim that Hamas is not a terrorist group has shocked many on the internet, with some saying she was spouting propaganda of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Efrain Flores Monsanto, Director of Production and member of the board of Rebel News Online, shared the interview in which a woman at the pro-Palestine rally in Mississauga, outside of Toronto, defended the terrorists.

“Hamas is not a terrorist group. Everything that they do is justified,” she said. “It is a resistance that has been fuming for 75 years of occupation.” She rejected reports of the beheading of babies and said that Hamas would never do it because it was against Islam. She claimed that there was evidence of an Israeli woman who said that the Hamas militants gave her water, food, and a place to sleep comfortably.

This shocked many who recalled the killings of hundreds of civilians and children by Hamas last Saturday after they carried out the worst attack on Israelis since the holocaust.

“Welcome to #Canada, the new #Pakistan of the West,” said Dr Saurabh Sachar.



Dave Linn said that Hamas militants themselves bragged about the killings, she knew it but did not care. “Except Hamas brags about it. They have posters glorifying the hang glide murderers. They explain why and how of raping women. She knows but doesn’t care.”



Andy Lee said: “Sounds like a left-wing politico star has been born. I bet she already has candidacy endorsements.”



Arnie said that the woman’s ‘arrogance and condescension’ were pretty telling. “She feels very comfortable spewing this bile from the safety and comfort of Canada.”



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