American woman speaks on why she can never take advice from Nigerian woman (video)

An American woman who loves dating Nigerian men has said that she can never take an advice from Nigerian women.

In a video posted online, the American woman said most Nigerian women come on the comment section of any American woman who says she likes Nigerian men to leave comments like ‘You will soon get hurt’ and other things.

She said if Nigerian men are so bad, why is it that Nigerian women do not like leaving them alone. According to her, Nigerian women find out their husbands have three girlfriends and two boyfriends but still refuse to leave them alone.

“The reason I will never take advice from African women, moreso Nigerian women, is because if Nigerian men are so bad, why do you guys not leave them alone?  Why are you guys still putting up with their shit? Why are you guys stuck with them years after years after you found out they cheated on you? It is not making sense. You guys come and comment to us American women that date Nigerians but guys will literally find out your husbands has three girlfriends and two boyfriends on the side and still stick with them. So I am very confused as to why you guys come to American women’s comment and say things like ‘Oh you be hurting soon”

In a video she shared earlier, the American woman said she loves dating Nigerian men because they would bow down to your feet,  they know how to respect their marriage, in a sense and can never watch their woman struggle.

Watch her video below



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