Details You Should Not Give to POS Agents When Using Your Card to Withdraw

1. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Your PIN is the linchpin of your debit card security. It’s the sole means of accessing your account and withdrawing funds. Therefore, it is imperative never to share your PIN with anyone, including POS agents. Any request for your PIN should raise a red flag, as it could signal fraudulent intentions.

2. Your Card Number.

Each debit card boasts a unique card number, which must be kept confidential. Protecting your card number is essential to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Under no circumstances should you divulge your card number to anyone, including POS agents. Scammers may seek this information to conduct fraudulent transactions on your account.

3. CVV (Card Verification Value)

The CVV is the three-digit number located on the back of your card. It constitutes another vital layer of security. Just like your PIN and card number, never disclose your CVV to anyone, including POS agents. Fraudsters can exploit your CVV to initiate online transactions, potentially resulting in financial losses for you.

4. Expiry Date.

Your card’s expiry date is yet another security feature designed to protect your account. Revealing your card’s expiry date to anyone, including POS agents, should be avoided at all costs. Scammers may misuse this information to engage in fraudulent activities on your account.

5. One-Time Passwords (OTPs).

One-Time Passwords, or OTPs, are unique codes sent to your registered mobile number to verify and complete a transaction. It is paramount to never disclose your OTP to anyone, including POS agents. Sharing your OTP can open the door for scammers to carry out unauthorized transactions on your account.

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