FG plans to fill the gap between Naira/ Dollars on Forex market


In order to support the continuous estimate of NAIRA compared to the dollar, as it reached the minimum record in third place, and reached a record of $ 1,310/dollars, the federal government began the moves to fill the gap.


Our correspondent has learned from the best government sources that the government has approached those who accumulated in dollars and factories and those who discovered that they stole the treasure to convert them.


Transferring their money to the prevailing market. It is known that the government is ready to do everything it needs to solve the problem. A senior source in the presidency said the initiative was at the core of two executive orders recently signed by President Bola Tinubu.


These orders are part of the federal government’s measures to ensure liquidity in the local foreign exchange market, stabilize the market and support the appreciation of the naira, which has fallen against the dollar in recent weeks.


Although the orders are now in effect, their content and repercussions of the interventions are still unknown, as they have not yet been published.


Speaking at the session of the 29th Nigerian Economic Summit, held in Abuja last week, the Minister of Finance and Economic Coordination, Willie Edun, said.


Mr President announced that he has taken measures to mitigate illiquidity in the foreign exchange market. The market as we know it is a big problem in this time.


The market is illiquid; It does not work properly because there is no display and there are many reasons for this. The president’s solution was to sign an executive order that would effectively, and to a reasonable extent, allow all cash in the country’s economy to be legally included in the official money supply.


Alongside that, there is another executive order that allows foreign currency instruments to be issued domestically so that they have an incentive to provide that foreign currency from any source. This leniency, credibly decreed, must be a kind of amnesty for those people and organizations who are hoarding dollars.


Senior government officials told our correspondent that details of the executive orders were deliberately withheld from the public so as not to raise too much dust that would distract the administration from its goal of stabilizing the naira.


The official said, we deliberately did not disclose detailed information. We are talking to a large number of stakeholders to bring their dollars into the mainstream market.


These people have billions of dollars, and we are trying to send them a clear message that they can quickly pump money into the economy and withdraw it whenever they want.

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