“The Engine Will Knock”: Man Pours Bottle of Palm Oil into His Motorbike, Makes use of it as Lubricant.

A man poured a whole bottle of palm oil into the engine of his motorcycle and used it as a lubricant.


The interesting video was shared by @victoriagd5, and it has received more than 630k views from curious netizens.




In the video, the man positioned the bike, which looked new and poured the oil as if it was a proper lubricant.


It looked like the man was in a mechanic workshop when he poured the red oil into the bike’s engine.


Some curious netizens asked to know if the bike worked well after that, but the man did not ride the machine, and neither did her reply to the questions.


However, some people argued in the comment section that the home-made oil might knock the engine of the motorcycle.


Reactions as man pours palm oil in motorcycle engine

@Virux Knight said:


“When red oil gets heated it gets light. That engine will definitely knock.”


@Gabriel504 said:


“Please, if this red oil is working well, that means I need to try it.”


@Marcelline said:


“Our husbands are going to empty the red cooking oil for their machines. We are screwed.”


@flarazah commented:


“You’re going to make red oil to get expensive.”


@randy reacted:


“You go carry yam join body. So if you drive small you park, use the oil chop the yam.”


@COCOU Prisca said:


“I did this for my motorcycle, it really works. Even if red oil increases in price because of that, it is to Africa’s advantage.”

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