“If I get, I no go drag anybody again” – VeryDarkMan panics as goes for HIV test

Famous activist, Martins Vincent Otse better known as Verydarkman, panics about his fate following a visit to a healthcare facility where he underwent an HIV test.

In the video shared on his Instagram profile, Verydarkman underwent an HIV test while a small audience of medical professionals observed the process with curiosity.


'If I get, I no go drag anybody again' - VeryDarkMan panics as goes for HIV test


While awaiting the test result, he managed to squeeze in a joke despite the tense atmosphere. He stated that a positive result might have a humbling effect on him, making him less controversial than his usual self on social media.

Through this experience, the social media commentator gained insights into the hidden realities faced by individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

One of the significant revelations was the possibility for someone with HIV to marry an HIV-negative individual and even have a family without the risk of transmitting the virus to their children.


'If I get, I no go drag anybody again' - VeryDarkMan panics as goes for HIV test


After the test, he was offered a supply of condoms, which he accepted somewhat reluctantly while stating that he preferred not to use them.

“The kind of joy when some people go feel if to say I catch ehn,them go throw party anyways l’m not a fan of condom na so I go dey test always,”┬áhe wrote.

Watch the video below …



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