Day: November 7, 2023

Lady shares ‘petty’ thing a friend she accommodated did, video stirs mixed reactions

A Nigerian lady has stirred mixed reactions as she shares the boundaries a friend set after she accommodated her in her own house. The lady revealed that her friend came to stay with her at her own place since she didn’t have anywhere to stay at the moment.     However, upon moving in, her […]

“I use God and your siblings beg you, return my clothe” – Lady shares mom’s reaction after she stole her gown to school

A lady has shared her mom’s hilarious reaction in a viral video after she stole her gown to wear in school. The lady took her mother’s gown to school without letting her know that she did.     When she wore it in and posted it to her social media status, it quickly caught her […]

“Father of the year” – Dad obediently gives himself up to be used by daughter as mannequin to stretch her wig

In a heartwarming video, a Nigerian father sits calmly as his young daughter uses him as human mannequin to stretch her wig. The young lady didn’t have a mannequin on which to place her wig and commence stretching it.     She made her supportive father sit down with the wig on his hair. In […]

“Na for which junction you enter?” – Lady gets married to stranger she gave her number to in a Keke

A lady sparks reactions online as she reveals how she met her man as a stranger in a Keke Napep, and they got married subsequently. The lady known as Loverita57 revealed that she and her man had boarded the same Keke some years ago.     One thing led to another and they exchanged numbers […]

“You people have fine wives and you’ll be toasting small girls, lying you’re single” – Caramel Plugg lambasts married men

Popular content creator, Ogechi Ukonu, popularly called Caramel Plugg, has lambasted married men, calling them out for lying to young girls that they’re single. The content creator made a video which she posted on her Instagram page, dragging these married men. She questioned married men, especially the ones in Lagos, wondering if they were forced […]

Arise Oluwaseyi Victor: *A Trailblazer in Public Health, Public Relations and Social Leadership.

Arise Oluwaseyi Victor: *A Trailblazer in Public Health, Public Relations and Social Leadership.*   Today, I stand before you to shed light on the remarkable achievements and contributions of a true leader and a shining example within our university community – Comrade Arise Oluwaseyi Victor. As the one-time president of the Public Health Science Department […]

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