Simple Steps To Backup Your WordPress Site

Backup of WordPress Site

One of the most important thing we need to do on our web is to backup wordpress site. Web masters and bloggers in most cases don’t really give it a priority and it is what we should do always.

We backup wordpress site to avoid stories that touches when the unexpected happens.  Majority depends on their web hosting company which I don’t think it’s a good way to have the backup of our site when we can as well do it ourself.

Backup of wordpress site is very easy and straight forward,  you don’t need to hire anybody to do it for, with one click of plugin and few setup you are good to go.

What is Website Backup?

Website backup simply means a copy of all your website data including the content.

Website built on Content Management System (CMS) like wordpress really needs backup because you will need all your files like content,  media, database to get your site up and running again.

Backup of wordpress site, why is it important.

The truth must be told, the online world is not predictable. Anything can happen at an unexpected time.  Backing up of wordpress site should be a must do for everybody.

It may be because nothing wrong as happened to our website that will require the backup of our website for it to be live again that’s why most people don’t take it serious.

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The unexpected may come from hackers because they never sleep and may send malware to your site which may come in form of malicious link.

It has happen to the website of the previous company I worked. (Name will not be disclosed please)  It’s an e-commerce website which have been on operation for the past five years. One sudden night hackers hit the website and spread malicious links in almost all part of the website and took over the front page with their details which include their short write up, phone number and email address, they actually requested for a very huge amount which could have affected the company a lot but thank God for the company’s web master / programmer who took up the issue and eventually kick the hackers out of the website but had to restore the website properly with the previous backup of the website that was saved a week before the incident happened.

If not for the website backup, they may have loose a lot contents and files because hackers have spread malicious links in almost all the sensitive areas of the website and for e-commerce it could affect their SSL or payment gateway which may make visitors doubt the website and not input their bank card details.

I just shared the above story for you to really understand why you must backup your wordpress site. 

How to Backup WordPress Site

I will show you how to backup wordpress site manually using a plugin.

An effective and easy to set up plugin I will recommend for you to backup your wordpress site is UpdraftPlus. It has a paid and free version, for the sake of first time user you can start with the free version which also do great job compare to other wordpress plugins user for backing up a website.

Using UpdraftPlus to Backup WordPress Site 

UpdraftPlus is a wordpress plugin user to backup wordpress site which enables you have the copy of your entire website. It also allow you to backup your website and send it to yourself through email or any other means. The free version of  Updraft only allows users to use the basic backup and restore  compare to the  premium version of it.

Firstly, on your wordpress dashboard locate plugin, click on Add New then navigate to the keyword search bar and type name of plugin as “UpdraftPlus”, several plugins will drop down.

Backup wordpress site

Select the first plugin “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin” and click on Install.

Backup wordpress site

After installing the plugin you will be required to activate it for it to function.

After activation of UpdraftPlus Plugin,  let me quickly take you through how you can use UpdraftPlus to backup wordpress site manually.

On your wordpress dashboard visit Settings > UpdraftPlus Backup then click on Backup Now as seen in the screenshot below.

Backup wordpress site

After which a dialogue box will pop-up with options to select files/database backup and whether you want to send the backup to remote storage.

Backup wordpress site

Thick all the options and click on Backup Now.

Updraft will start creating backup of your website files and database immediately.

You will be able to monitor and see the progress of backup on the settings page though the process may take time depending on your website size.

Your backup files will also start uploading to the remote location.

How To Restore WordPress Backup With UpdraftPlus

After you have successfully backup your website, the most important thing is for you to be able to restore it properly.

Though creating backup is kind of easy but restoring it is the most useful part of it. After going through the step of installing WordPress from your cpanel, i will take you through how to can restore your website from wordpress admin.

Firstly, you need to install and active UpdraftPlus plugin, you can achieve that by clicking on Plugin on left side of your wordpress dashboard, select Add New, type UpdraftPlus in the search box, then install and activate the plugin.

The next step is to find your backup, kindly go to settings, click on UpdraftPlus Backups and click the ‘Restore’ button. Then the existing backup will be displayed and you will see the list of your existing backup.

You can as well upload the backup in case you saved it in your remote storage or any where else it’s been saved, you locate the backup file and upload it into the existing backup file.

Now click the Restore button to start restoring the backup which you have uploaded to the backup tab, wait for a pop-up to appear with a list of options to restore.

Select the part of backup you want to restore, after selecting your preferred option you needed, click on Restore button.

After clicking on Restore Updraft will process your backup file that is ready for restoration. Once this is done, you will receive a message of probably errors or warning that was found, if please with the result and notice no issue, then click on Restore to complete the restoration.

The restoration will be run and after completion you will get a Restoration Successful message and option to return to Updraft main page.